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Why is Google Chrome browser named as Chrome?

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There was a codename vote for Chrome during its early development but none of them actually made it into the final name because apparently all the names were terrible. According to Glen Murphy, Chrome’s design leads chose the name ‘Chrome’ because they liked fast cars and ended up using the name in the final project launch because, in his own words:

“During development, we’d all come to love the product deeply, and new names had a hard time breaking and bettering the associations we’d already formed with the codename.”

“As our lead did, people associated it with speed – shiny fast engines and cars.”

“In design terminology, ‘chrome’ refers to the non-webpage parts of the browser’s interface – the toolbars, tabs and buttons – because our design philosophy was “Content, not chrome” – putting our focus on minimizing the amount of browser UI present, we felt it cheekily appropriate to name the browser ‘Chrome’.”

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