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Talks I enjoyed from Laracon 2017

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Thanks to Streamacon, we from south asia, are able to watch videos of Laracon. It did appear late but it was worth the wait. After browsing and watching through each and every videos, here I am sharing 5 talks that were awespme for me as a laravel developer.

  1. Jeffrey Way – It felt like watching Laracasts (with slides). That means it is awesome as always. Writing summary here would be point less.
  2. Heroku – It felt like and advertisement, but this presentation forced me to try heroku for once and it was awesome.
  3. Laura Elizabeth – She gave some really cool ideas on design. For me as a developer, it was some good knowledge.
  4. Taylor Otwell – Talks about laravel 5.5 ‘s new cool stuff and a new package called horizon for queue management.
  5. Sean Larkinn  – A very clear perspective of WebPack was presented in this talk.

Everything is awesome.


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