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Route binding, Type hinting and Clean coding – Laravel

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Now, watch carefully. This is how it’s done.

Step 1: In your route file web.php

Step 2: In your Service provider (probably RouteSeviceProvider.php)

Step 3: Finally in your controller (BookController.php)

Step 4: Now, in your view file,


This single form is able to handle both of your new books and updates an old book scenario.

If you hit route book/create, you will get a form to create a new book. The controller would receive a new instance of Book model and it would be saved.

If you hit route book/1, you will get a form to update the book with ID of 1. Here, Controller would receive the instance of Book but this time, a book of ID 1 has been retrieved.

If you hit route book/{something}, you will have a 404 error(because it does not exists).

Keep in mind, that this idea is only tested in Laravel 5.6. Check this post to know more about Laravel 5.6.


Everything is awesome.

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