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jQuery usefulness

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Even though there are numerous libraries around, there is nothing as easy and quick as jQuery.  It has been most used JavaScript for most of the time now. And, nowhere near are other libraries.

Here are some of the tips on jQuery to use in your project.

1. When clicked on pagination link, you can show the spinning icon indicating that your page is loading.

2. When submitting form, you can disable the submit button so that it won’t be clicked twice even by mistake, also adding a nice spinning icon.


3. If you ever need to change your url, based on the select values, then this is the snippet for you.

4. Hijack your  browsers default alter with this simple neat trick.

For notification libraries, click here.

5. It goes same for confirmations, But I recommend using this library.

6. If you ever use download attribute in a tag and download is not happening, this simple trick would do it. It will unbind all the events associated with it.

Everything is awesome.

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