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If you are not using these packages for laravel, you might be in difficult situation.

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Here are the list of 5 packages

  1. Artisan View – VScode is awesome as an editor but because of using terminal more frequently, there is hate towards navigating through folders just to create blade view files. So, this packages simply helps to create a new blade file in the required location.

    It is simple as that. There is no more need to navigate through resources directory just to create the file.

    Best thing is, we can first define view file in controller and create view by simply copying the parameters inside of view function.

  2. Laravel Sluggable – Urls with IDs are yuck. Using slugs alternative to IDs are always a better options. This package handles it all.  I even have a separate trait since mostly we take slugs from ‘name’ key passed from the requests.

  3. Laravel Permission – This is not the best packages out there, but the simplest one that there is. Deleting the old codes written for roles and implementing were just matter of 30 minutes.

  4. Laravel Media library – Unlike the laravel permission, this must be the best package out there for its purpose.  To associate a model with media, we just have to implement HasMedia interface and use HasMediaTrait. It will provide necessary methods.

  5. Telescope – Recently released package, that has become another addictive package for laravel developers. I am not using barryvdh’s laravel debug bar anymore as telescope pretty much overtook its job. The reason is “It does not require me to inject anything to my view files”. Though I would like a feature where it assigns a different color for every request.

If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Everything is awesome.

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