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HTTP2 support in nginx – Must Do

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Time to move one to HTTP2. Websites like Facebook and YouTube are already implementing it.

HTTP/1.1 has served the Web well for more than fifteen years, but its age is starting to show.

Loading a Web page is more resource intensive than ever (see the HTTP Archive’s page size statistics), and loading all of those assets efficiently is difficult, because HTTP practically only allows one outstanding request per TCP connection.

HTTP/2 will make our applications faster, simpler, and more robust—a rare combination—by allowing us to undo many of the HTTP/1.1 workarounds previously done within our applications and address these concerns within the transport layer itself. Even better, it also opens up a number of entirely new opportunities to optimize our applications and improve performance!

To do that,

First of all, enable support for ssl because it only supports https and use this snippet for adding support of HTTP2 in nginx.

To enable the ssl, use this tool in your VPS.

Everything is awesome.

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