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Html tags we rarely or never use

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Here are the list of 5 html tags that we rarely use but could be useful to keep things simple.


The <wbr> (Word Break Opportunity) provides hint to the browser on where to break the line in case the word is about to be broken due to screen resize. We can use wbr tags to tell browser where it is more relevant to break the sentences.

This tag has not been used nowadays as css libraries today offers much more in responsive features.


The <base> tag specifies the base URL/target for all relative URLs in a document. You define relative urls like this.

What it says is, name of the image is logo.png and load the image from the base path of this website.

But using base tag we can tell it where to load it from. For example, if you are hosting your website at /app directory then you might want to do something like this.

This way, now images will loaded from


This one is plain simple as we use it for subtitle to videos.


Just like you using thead in your tables, you can also use tfoot.

The output will be something like this.

Suman Shrestha200
Abishek Rijal100
Sushil Dhakal100

And, the best thing about it is wherever you define tfoot tags, it will be placed in bottom of the table.


Progress tag is used to show the real time results in the bar.

It is best to use this tag with little bit of JavaScript to change the value in real time. For example, file uploading or converting or downloading etc. Bootstrap and various other css libraries even has better alternatives.

Everything is awesome.

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