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How much is too much?

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A guy buys a new, nice bicycle that he has always wanted for years. On his way home, everybody gives him wonderful compliments on how stylish and elegant his bicycle is.

He reckons the thieves in his neighborhood will surely try to steal the coveted vehicle, so he stops at a nearby market and buys 5 locks to lock it when necessary. Better safe than sorry, he says to himself.

One day, he leaves his bicycle outside, locks it with the 5 locks, comes inside to get some stuff, comes back out, unlocks all the 5 locks but then he notices that there’s one more little lock. It looks strange, certainly not his.

“Must be my wife’s. She’s more cautious than I think,” he says to himself.

So he runs back in to ask his wife, “Hey, I appreciate your concern but 5 locks are enough, no need for one more. Now give me the key to your lock, I’m running late.”

“What lock? I don’t have any lock.”

Horrified, he rushes out but the bike is gone. The 6th lock is the thief’s.