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Different extensions required for laravel and why?

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Laravel does it’s installation with the help of composer. It uses lots of packages which in order required lots of assist from core package as well.

First of all laravel supports only PHP from version 5.6.4. Previously it was 5.5 or higher. And next version will only be working in PHP7.0 and higher.

So, here are some of the extensions that is prerequisite for laravel

1. OpenSSL PHP Extension

This extension provides laravel support for encryption and decryption of your information.

Your password hashing bcrypt depends upon this extension.

2. PDO PHP Extension

PDO PHP extension is the extension alternative to mysqli which provides laravel more flexibility in performing database operation. It helps us to use more database alternatively of one another. As each of those drive implements the PDO interface.

Query builder depends upon this extension

3. Mbstring PHP Extension

Certain characters in our programming just cannot be contained as 8 bit value. For that we need something that more offers more than 8 bit. Mbstring provides multi-byte specific string functions that help you deal with multi-byte encoding in PHP.

4. Tokenizer PHP Extension

The tokenizer functions provide an interface to the PHP tokenizer embedded in the Zend Engine. Using these functions you may write your own PHP source analyzing or modification tools without having to deal with the language specification at the lexical level.

5. XML PHP Extension

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a data format for structured document interchange on the Web.  XML PHP extension helps us to parse this data.

Of course, few of these extensions depend upon another extension.

Everything is awesome.

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