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Converting group of images into GIF easily

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Ever feel like converting your images into GIF? It can simply be used as album show for your images in bulk.

Well, if you ever need to convert your group of images into GIF images, then all you need to do in Linux is know about a command called, “convert”.

It’s an awesome command that turns a group of images into one GIF image.

  • -delay 100 means time delay between each image.
  • -loop 0 mean infinite loop
  • *.png is just a regular expression saying every png images in that folder
  • and animation.gif is the name of the output image.

So let’s take two images here.

So now, we execute the command.

And, we will get our output image like this.

If you did not notice one thing here, you need to have equal height, width image to have the perfect GIFs. So, heads up.

Everything is awesome.


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