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Awesome blade directive in laravel

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Blade directives are awesome features in laravel that provide us the flexibility to have our own blade shortcuts.

Below are most used blade directives in my projects.

  1. I always get confused whether it is clear-fix of clearfix. No more.

2. Handy was to get away from curly braces/

3. Setting variables just like that.

        4. No more writing <i></i> tags. To do not contain anything anyway.

5. Wait, material does. Let’s keep this one.

6. @k helps me check up to where the script is working. @ is on left while word k is closest to the middle finger.

7. Bootstrap alert it’s always handy.

This one is the function you need parse the values you pass onto blade directives.

Everything is awesome.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous March 23, 2019

    Increase the code display area. Cant see properly.

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