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As a developer, you need an arsenal

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As a web developer, I strongly recommend not to get stuck with only on area of programming.

Pick one or two on every field. It will not to make you expert in anything but you will have knowledge on how stuff works.

It’s best way to become a solution oriented developer.

So, I have these list. Pick one or at most 2 on each field as per your suite. Don’t be master of everything. Just learn how things work. If it looks something you can pick up, move forward.

  1. A web framework – Laravel, YII2, Ruby on rails, Django.
  2. A front end framework – VueJs, ReactJs, AngularJs, Aurelia.
  3. A mobile app framework – Ionic, React Native or Cordova.
  4. Any scripting language – Bash, Python, Powershell.
  5. Database – Mysql, PostGresql or MongoDB .
  6. Search System – Solr, Elastic Search
  7. Effective Editor or IDE – Sublime Text or Phpstorm or Vscode
  8. Server Knowledge – Ububtu or CentOS ( Pick digital ocean for this one)
  9. If you ever know most of these, know this too – Cron jobs or task runners or schedulers. It’s very helpful

Everything is awesome.

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